Conceptually Black nude,tips Professionalism on a shoot

Professionalism on a shoot


So you have built your network, ensured safety and are regularly attending shoots. Here are a few tips that will make shooting easier:
1) Don’t constantly be playing on your phone, texting and answering your calls. You’re there to model, so just like any other job, be there to work.
2) Be on time, if you’re running late, give the photographer a call and let them know.
3) Don’t show up hungover, drunk or high. You would think this would be common sense, but experience has shown otherwise.
4) If the photographer doesn’t ask for something specific, make sure your nails are neat, clean and nicely buffed or polished clear, this means fingers AND toes.
5) If there is going to be a make-up artist, make sure your face is clean, don’t roll in with last night’s make-up still caked on. If there isn’t going to be a make-up artist, and the photographer hasn’t requested a look, come with simple, natural make-up and glossed lips, bring a little extra make-up with you.
6) If you have been requested to bring clothes, make sure they are clean and wrinkle free. Don’t show up with the clothes jammed into a tiny bag, all balled up and wrinkled.

This erotic photograph was done by Conceptually Black in Columbus, Ohio.

Model nude, gripping strap-on

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