Conceptually Black is a photographer in Columbus, Ohio, who produces erotic and gothic art.  His work is the exploration of the dark side of human existence. The photographs are dark, moody, twisted and designed to excite you, engage you and make you think.  Each photograph is created so that it creates the viewer’s mind in the dark corners, often only explored by a lover.

Conceptually Black’s erotic art has been described as raw, real and twisted. This is accomplished by the models opening up their inner thoughts and feelings to his camera.

Conceptually Black’s gothic art is not hot topic fluff, but rather dark work pulled from a twisted mind and view. Conceptually Black is a published gothic writer, who uses the inspiration of his writing to delve into a world of dark, twisted and sometimes erotic gothic art.

Artist’s Statement

Bored with the polished cookie cutter images, society thrusts upon us, I decided to engage my mind and use my vision. I create work that is raw, filled with emotion, designed to stand apart from the boring, stagnant chafe imposed upon us.