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Safety tips – models

  • If a photographer claims to be working for a big company, ask yourself these questions first.

-Do I fit the normal look of the models this company uses? Think of it simply like this, if you don’t look like a V.S. model, would V.S. use you?
-Why aren’t they using an agency? Most major ad campaigns are shot using agency models for many reasons.

  • If a photographer claims to be a scout for a model agency or a major company, you can always verify this to see if the claim is legitimate. For example, if a photographer claims to be a scout for Ford Models, call them and ask.
  • Ask a photographer for references. Check them! Also do a Google search for their name, business name and other identifiers, this will lead you to other places where you can learn about them and verify their safety.
  • Utilize your network
  • Make sure you know where you will be, at minimum leave the address written down at home, so people if need be can find it or email it to a trusted friend. If it supposed to be a studio shoot and the photographer decides to go on location, don’t change plans without letting someone know.
  • Have a rough time line of when the shoot will start and when it should end, leave this information with a friend. While you should maintain professionalism, arrange to make a call before and after the shoot, to someone that knows where you are.
  • If the photographer starts to act inappropriately or trying to push your limits, leave. Don’t worry about collecting your money, don’t be intimidated, just leave without a major scene. Better to leave safe and broke, than paid and uncomfortable.

If you work for a modeling agency and they send you out on a job or a test shoot, they have checked the photographer and know all the details.Agency models show up alone, on time and ready to work. As a freelance model, due diligence will allow you to be prepared and safe, it is just up to you to show up and on time.
Now, please don’t read this and think photographers are unsafe or modeling is a dangerous endeavour. It is totally safe, although just like every other profession, their are fakes out to do something other than what they are supposed to. If you really want to put your mind at ease, do this Google search for incidents with established photographers and models, see how many are able to be found.

I photographed this erotica at my old studio in Columbus, Ohio.

Couple in love

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