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I read online forums where people often ask questions about model releases, misinformation and confusion is usually shared at this point. This post should help clear up some of the common misconceptions. First, let’s figure out what what a model release is. First let’s figure out what a model release is. It is basically a […]… Continue Reading

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So you’ve decided to become a model and don’t know where to start?  My best advice is to develop a network, this will allow you to share tips, learn who is reputable, maintain safety and find jobs. A good network should be built up of models, photographers, make-up artists, hair stylists, wardrobe stylists & designers […]… Continue Reading

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If you’re an agency represented model they will help you, but if you are going the freelance model route then you will need to build a portfolio, which will also help you build your network and will help you in getting paid gigs. First thing to know when seeking to build your portfolio is what […]… Continue Reading

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If a photographer claims to be working for a big company, ask yourself these questions first. -Do I fit the normal look of the models this company uses? Think of it simply like this, if you don’t look like a V.S. model, would V.S. use you? -Why aren’t they using an agency? Most major ad […]… Continue Reading

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