Conceptually Black nude Free Art Friday: Rules

Free Art Friday: Rules


Free Art Friday is a chance for fans of Conceptually Black to get free artwork.
The challenge opens of the first friday of every month and closes at midnight on the last Thursday of each month, with the winner being announced on the last Friday.
The winner will be chosen randomly, completely without influence or any true idea of who will win until I blindly pick a winner. Please no bitching or complaining, I will do my best to remain impartial. If you don’t win, but you really want the image available, contact me and we can discuss you purchasing the image, with custom framing, matting, whatever your needs are. If you have won recently, let’s say 6 months,  please don’t try again, but feel free to tell your friends about it. In each post about the contest I will be include what photograph is up for grabs, so you can decide if it is something you wish to own.

How to enter/win:

email me here with your mailing address and name, I’ll mail out your prize the day I announce the winner, in the email state if you want me to use your name, link to your website/facebook/myspace, only use your initials, however you wish to be identified as the winner in the announcement post.

What you can win:

The piece might be gallery quality and framed, matted or simply bagged archivally. Each piece will be signed. What these are pieces are, are unsold pieces from art shows, test prints and prints I had on my studio and home walls.

This image is an example of what is available from Free Art Friday, by photographer Conceptually Black.

This is a model shot at DEAC in Detroit, Michigan.

girl nude on couch

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