Conceptually Black guidelines rules for escorts

rules for escorts


In my guidelines for shooting I mention I have rules for bringing someone to a shoot, now first off remember these rules only apply to shoots with Conceptually Black, every photographer has their own rules and many don’t allow them.

I have decided to allow escorts, not because I feel it is a good substitution for safety, but rather because I feel some models simply feel more at ease with a trusted friend there.

My rules are as follow:

  • Escorts will be given a chair and table away from the shooting area. wireless internet will be available, but no computer or TV will be supplied, they are responsible for keeping themself entertained.
  • Your escort is not to interfere with the shoot. I am polite and will warn them if they do attempt to interfere or influence a shoot, but if it becomes a major disruption, both parties will be asked to leave.
  • Your escort is a direct reflection on you, if they show up drunk or high, neither you nor your escort will be allowed into the studio.
  • No illegal drugs. If your escort brings illegal drugs to the shoot, the police will be notified.
  • Your escort is not permitted to roam the non-shooting areas, as my studio is a live-work loft, non-shooting areas are my living space.
  • If your escort steals, you will be held responsible, you will be named in the police report as a suspect.
  • No weapons are permitted on the premises. If your escort brings a weapon, this will be viewed as a threat and legally handled as such.
  • No drama.

You would think these rules would be obvious, but sadly experience has shown otherwise. I do not think that a few bad apples should ruin it for others, so I have crafted these rules. They are not 100%, as I hope common sense will still prevail.

This is model Alkemie Jane, she is my muse and my love.

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