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Sexual sex-u-al –adjective 1: of, pertaining to, or for sex: sexual matters; sexual aids. 2: occurring between or involving the sexes: sexual relations. 3: having sexual organs or reproducing by processes involving both sexes. This erotic image by Conceptually Black was created at my old studio in Columbus, Ohio.… Continue Reading

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So you have built your network, ensured safety and are regularly attending shoots. Here are a few tips that will make shooting easier: 1) Don’t constantly be playing on your phone, texting and answering your calls. You’re there to model, so just like any other job, be there to work. 2) Be on time, if […]… Continue Reading

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Erotic erot-ic -noun 1: of, devoted to, or tending to arouse sexual love or desire <erotic art> 2: strongly marked or affected by sexual desire This blurry nude was created in Conceptually Black’s Cleveland Ohio studio.… Continue Reading

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Conceptually Black‘s first Free Art Friday is open! The below print is bagged and mounted with museum quality mounting strips, it is sized at 8×12, on Kodak premium paper. Conceptually Black is a Cleveland, Ohio erotic photographer, who is holding monthly giveaways of art. These pieces could be test prints, gallery or store prints that […]… Continue Reading

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So you’ve decided to become a model and don’t know where to start?  My best advice is to develop a network, this will allow you to share tips, learn who is reputable, maintain safety and find jobs. A good network should be built up of models, photographers, make-up artists, hair stylists, wardrobe stylists & designers […]… Continue Reading

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