Conceptually Black writing Happy New Year! 2011

Happy New Year! 2011


This new year presents many opportunities, it lays before me as a new chance, it has endless possibilities.

I have some ideas and plans to expand my business, advance my career and enjoy my life more. I don’t feel I will be as aimless as the past year, I feel I will be prepared to confront the world and tackle obstacles in my path. I feel I will tackle the art scene of Cleveland, Ohio this year, in ways that will surprise many people.

I hope this new year finds you good, I hope it brings you health and happiness.

These photographs convey the direction of the erotic art Conceptually Black will be taking in the new year. The work will be more about mental stimulation, less in your face. I will also be mingling my gothic and erotic, for an interesting mix, meant to confuse your senses.

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