Conceptually Black Free Art Free Art Friday- April 1st, 2011

Free Art Friday- April 1st, 2011


No joke! Conceptually Black is giving away a print! Totally free!

The following print used to hang on my wall, it is printed on Kodak paper and set inside an edgeless glass frame. It is an art nude, commonly shot under my alter ego Lazyi Photography.

Conceptually Black is a Cleveland, Ohio erotic photographer, who is holding monthly giveaways of art. These pieces could be test prints, gallery or store prints that didn’t sell or art from my walls I am replacing.

If you want the above print, simply fill out the below form and you will be entered in the drawing, with the winner being announced April 29th, 2011. Please only enter once, as I will only use your entry once for consideration, but do encourage your friends to enter.

The winner is: TBA