Conceptually Black guidelines Definitions of Nudity

Definitions of Nudity


These definitions of nudity apply to modeling with Conceptually Black, do not assume all photographers will be in agreement with these definitions, but feel free to reference them when talking with others:

Implied nudity– Model nude but covered through pose, shadow or fabric. No nipples, buttocks or labia will be present in the photograph.

Partial nudity(buttocks)– This is the same as implied nudity but ou’re comfortable showing buttocks.

Partial nudity(topless)– This is the same as implied nudity, except you’ll be showing breasts.

Artistic nudity– This is full nudity, no spread legs, think classic.

Explicit nudity– This is full nudity, it is more graphic, possible spread legs, finger spreads, etc…sometimes this is to convey something without showing anything.

Now these are merely guidelines, not to be assumed to be 100% set in stone. I still discuss shots and ideas with models to make sure they are comfortable.

This image by Conceptually Black was taken at the Collingwood Art Center in Toledo, Ohio. This image is a great example of artistic nudity.

model in pantyhose black and white

This image by Cleveland artist Conceptually Black is a clear example of explicit nudity.

model reaching climax

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