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So you have to fly somewhere with your camera equipment and worry about issues that may arise at security? Don’t fret, don’t worry, if you follow these tips you’ll have no problems. x-rays will not damage digital camera or memory cards. x-rays used to scan carry-on items, will damage high speed film(800 and above), it […]… Continue Reading

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These definitions of nudity apply to modeling with Conceptually Black, do not assume all photographers will be in agreement with these definitions, but feel free to reference them when talking with others: –Implied nudity– Model nude but covered through pose, shadow or fabric. No nipples, buttocks or labia will be present in the photograph. –Partial […]… Continue Reading

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Different people have different ideas on what my definitions of nudity mean, so I have a post that clarifies this, check it out here. This image by Conceptually Black, of Cleveland Ohio, is an example of something I shoot, it isn’t good for a model portfolio, so I shoot something like the following commercial fashion […]… Continue Reading

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These rules are only for people setting up shoots with Conceptually Black, not general guidelines for all shoots, communication will always be key. 1 ) To confirm a time slot, I require a valid, working phone number. No time will be reserved until this happens. 2 ) No surprise guests. If you feel it 100% […]… Continue Reading

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In my guidelines for shooting I mention I have rules for bringing someone to a shoot, now first off remember these rules only apply to shoots with Conceptually Black, every photographer has their own rules and many don’t allow them. I have decided to allow escorts, not because I feel it is a good substitution […]… Continue Reading

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