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Conceptually Black’s gothic art is not hot topic fluff, but rather dark work pulled from a twisted mind and view. Conceptually Black is a published gothic writer, who uses the inspiration of his writing to delve into a world of dark, twisted and sometimes erotic gothic art. This image is based upon a dream I […]… Continue Reading

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So when I set upon this journey to create erotica, I wanted to avoid creating something classless, something sleazy. I always wanted to distance myself from porn, to avoid creating anything without merit, without value. As I embarked on my exploration of Erotic photography, I continually found myself looking at other photographer’s erotic work, hoping […]… Continue Reading

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A personal musing over what makes erotica versus what makes pornography. My first attempt to define the difference.… Continue Reading

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This is the site and blog of Cleveland, Ohio based erotic artist Conceptually Black. My work explores the corners of the human mind often left unexplored, it is meant to make you think, it is designed to make you feel dirty and leave you breathless. I produce work that is shown in art galleries nationwide, […]… Continue Reading

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