Conceptually Black guidelines Airport Security and Camera Equipment

Airport Security and Camera Equipment


So you have to fly somewhere with your camera equipment and worry about issues that may arise at security? Don’t fret, don’t worry, if you follow these tips you’ll have no problems.

  • x-rays will not damage digital camera or memory cards.
  • x-rays used to scan carry-on items, will damage high speed film(800 and above), it is also recommended for film sizes larger than 35mm. Do not be afraid to ask for your film to be hand checked.
  • x-rays used to scan baggage will damage any speed film, always carry it on.
  • Double check your bag, leatherman’s are useful but not allowed through security. For a larger list of permitted and prohibited items, please refer to TSA’s website.
  • The more stuff you jam into your bag the more likely your camera bag will have to be searched. The checked bag fees aren’t THAT horrible, to avoid someone inexperienced possibly handling your equipment.
  • If your equipment does need to be searched, don’t assume the TSA officer knows what a pocket wizard is or what it is for. When asked, calmly explain what things are. DO NOT grab for your stuff, if you wish to help, explain that the equipment is expensive and ask if you can help.

I hope this helps, if you have any questions ask me here or email me.

This image by Conceptually Black of Cleveland, Ohio. While I didn’t have to fly anywhere to create this photograph, the subject is a nationally traveling model.

Model drowning under water

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