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Erotica erot-i-ka 1: literary or artistic works having an erotic theme or quality 2: depictions of things erotic Good erotica is supposed to entice the mind, is is supposed to engage the thoughts and the loins. Conceptually Black creates erotica for the enjoyment of others, and if you wish to all photographs shown here are […]… Continue Reading

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So you have to fly somewhere with your camera equipment and worry about issues that may arise at security? Don’t fret, don’t worry, if you follow these tips you’ll have no problems. x-rays will not damage digital camera or memory cards. x-rays used to scan carry-on items, will damage high speed film(800 and above), it […]… Continue Reading

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Erotic erot-ik 1: of, devoted to, or tending to arouse sexual love or desire <erotic art> 2: strongly marked or affected by sexual desire — erotic noun Conceptually Black created this erotic art image in southern Ohio… Continue Reading

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These 5 tips are for a person interested in beginning photography. They are simply starting points,  I shall be posting later with other tips to move your photography forward. 1) Don’t run out and buy, buy, buy equipment. Instead buy yourself a nice digital SLR, buy a good lens(preferably something good with low light like […]… Continue Reading

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Sexual sex-u-al –adjective 1: of, pertaining to, or for sex: sexual matters; sexual aids. 2: occurring between or involving the sexes: sexual relations. 3: having sexual organs or reproducing by processes involving both sexes. This erotic image by Conceptually Black was created at my old studio in Columbus, Ohio.… Continue Reading

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So you have built your network, ensured safety and are regularly attending shoots. Here are a few tips that will make shooting easier: 1) Don’t constantly be playing on your phone, texting and answering your calls. You’re there to model, so just like any other job, be there to work. 2) Be on time, if […]… Continue Reading

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Erotic erot-ic -noun 1: of, devoted to, or tending to arouse sexual love or desire <erotic art> 2: strongly marked or affected by sexual desire This blurry nude was created in Conceptually Black’s Cleveland Ohio studio.… Continue Reading

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Conceptually Black‘s first Free Art Friday is open! The below print is bagged and mounted with museum quality mounting strips, it is sized at 8×12, on Kodak premium paper. Conceptually Black is a Cleveland, Ohio erotic photographer, who is holding monthly giveaways of art. These pieces could be test prints, gallery or store prints that […]… Continue Reading

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So you’ve decided to become a model and don’t know where to start?  My best advice is to develop a network, this will allow you to share tips, learn who is reputable, maintain safety and find jobs. A good network should be built up of models, photographers, make-up artists, hair stylists, wardrobe stylists & designers […]… Continue Reading

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