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If a photographer claims to be working for a big company, ask yourself these questions first. -Do I fit the normal look of the models this company uses? Think of it simply like this, if you don’t look like a V.S. model, would V.S. use you? -Why aren’t they using an agency? Most major ad […]… Continue Reading

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These rules are only for people setting up shoots with Conceptually Black, not general guidelines for all shoots, communication will always be key. 1 ) To confirm a time slot, I require a valid, working phone number. No time will be reserved until this happens. 2 ) No surprise guests. If you feel it 100% […]… Continue Reading

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In my guidelines for shooting I mention I have rules for bringing someone to a shoot, now first off remember these rules only apply to shoots with Conceptually Black, every photographer has their own rules and many don’t allow them. I have decided to allow escorts, not because I feel it is a good substitution […]… Continue Reading

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